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Our slogan is Be Good, which means we want to be good people supplying good products & service, hence making Reliabo a good company. 

Honesty saves time and costs. We select honest ways of doing business. We try to be your reliable and efficient partner in China. 

Our products have passed EN71, ASTM, REACH and CPSIA testing. 

Production Capacity: 10, 000, 000 pieces per month. 

Reliabo is a manufacturing & trading group with factories for pens, markers and an export company Wenzhou New Century for sales & service. We have decades

of experience in this field as one of the leading manufacturers & exporters in our area. Our products meet European and American standards. 

Each of our sales representatives has in-depth knowledge about our products, which guarantees high level customer service. Our sales team members are also

very well trained in basic skills such as foreign languages, international business practices, and computer skills. Therefore, communication between you and our

staff will be very easy. With our expertise in products and manufacturing processes, we can help you source new products from other factories too and control

quality while cutting costs for you.

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